Since 2011 the Copenhagen based art and design studio OH SO FINE has given us a selection of original paintings alongside graphic art posters and wooden objects. The founder Mette Bonavent works across multiple disciplines to create a collection that is somehow connected through her love for colours, patterns, geometric shapes and silhuettes. Objects from the nature, such as flowers, birds and leaves makes amazing silhouettes whatever technique they are reproduced in. And portraits comes alive through dots and dashes or traditional brushstrokes. ”I love the idea of having the freedom to work with different techniques and motifs, and not being boxed as a painter, a ceramist or a graphic designer. OH SO FINE can carry it all, and my clients seems to love the mix of crafts. My skills embrace it in a way that it makes sense, I guess” says Mette Bonavent.

OHSOFINE.DK is an e-boutique connecting the studio to the rest of the world and works as an online gallery. 

+45 61774107
Tullinsgade 1 - 1618 Copenhagen 
(cvr: 33730578)